How does it work?

We identify the full address of properties already on the market,
so we can target landlords when they are most likely considering switching agents.

Standard Letters & Leaflets

We have a variety of letter templates and leaflet designs that you can edit and customise, from new instruction through to the point they can instruct you to market their property.

One Off Letters & Leaflets

Targeting properties just got easier!
With a number of filters to help narrow down the search, you can easily generate a great campaign within seconds.

Land Registry Integration

We have an automated solution when it comes to targeting landlords directly with your letters and leaflets and it means they won’t end up being sent to an empty property!


Re-connect with landlords who let out their property and are now approaching the end of their tenancy. Generate customised letters to the right place at the right time!

Land Registry Integration

Land Registry integration now makes it even easier for agents to search property titles without any hassle.

Automated Solution

We have an automated solution when it comes to targeting landlords directly with your letters and leaflets, so they won’t end up being sent to an empty property or keep falling into the wrong hands!

Hassle free

Not only are there NO restrictions on the number of records that you can purchase, but we also upload the landlord's details instantly, saving you time as well as the manual data entry it requires to complete the process!

Standard Letters & Leaflets

Contact landlords on time every time.

The purpose of a standard letter or leaflet is that you interact with each landlord and talk them through their journey from new instruction through to the point they can choose to instruct you to market their property.

You can pick your timings of when you wish to target a landlord already on the market by choosing triggers ranging from when their property first comes on the market, the number of week's it remains on the market, when it reduces and when it withdrawers.

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One Off Letters & Leaflets

One off targeted letters is a great way of generating a marketing campaign based on specific criteria's.

Target Landlords On Your Terms

Whether you want to tailor your search around what's already on the market, or target all properties within a specific location, we have a variety of letter and leaflet templates for you to choose from.

Start Winning More Instructions Today

Targeted marketing not only raises your brand awareness but helps builds your credibility and connects you with motivated landlords ready to let out their property.

Lettings Re-Engage

Revolutionising The Way Agents Maintain Contact With Landlords

Maintaining regular contact with landlords is easier than you may think with Lettings Re-Engage.

Targeting landlords at key events such as renewal or when they have just re-let their property will offer a better chance of getting your foot through the door early on.

This early intervention ensures landlords are aware of you at the time of when they need your services.

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Supercharge Your
Lettings Marketing With Auto Canvassing

How much of your canvassing material is sent out on time?

How much time do you spend finding only a small percentage of the full address?

Save time, money and become more productive by automating your canvassing with Agent Canvassing!

Just A Few Of Our Features

We're super excited to show off our platform to you, so we’ve summarised it’s features and benefits below

Unleash The Power Of Agent Canvassing!

Agent Canvassing is all about working smarter not harder.

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Million Data Points






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Agent Canvassing is loved by agents, everywhere.

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